Crypto Mining Projects

We handle the end-to-end set up of your crypto currency mining solution, from selecting the right location and partners, to assembling a team and choosing a data center

Crypto Tax Advisory

Tax advisory on trading, selling, spending and buying, lending, challenging, mining, airdrops, staking, master nodes, incomes, gifts, token swaps, lost coins, margin trade, etc

Staking Projects (POS)

The process of choosing the best crypto staking platforms should not only focus on the rewards provided by the network but should also be focused on the other factors

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About us

We are a trusted and independent crypto consultancy firm, proud to offer modern solutions to modern problems and foster continuous growth through knowledge sharing. We share a simple set of values which allow us to develop, succeed and perform.

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At Kryptechs Solutions, we have built our business on compassion, trust, integrity, respect, and teamwork. We value each and every customer we work with, and our goal is to provide the support, guidance and blockchain expertise you need.

At Kryptechs Solutions, our crypto expert advisors empower individuals and businesses who see their future within the blockchain industry, accelerating their development through basic to advanced education and personal consultations.

To provide our clients with the best possible service by truly understanding their unique concerns and needs. We are focusing on cultivating long-lasting relationships, providing a customized service backed up by proven methods and cutting-edge software.

Why to engage with Crypto/Blockchain?

In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends and innovations. One area that seems to be constantly evolving is Blockchain/Crypto technology.

Blockchain and Crypto technology are slowly but surely gaining momentum. Industries across the board are starting to notice, and many wonders if it could be a  viable solution for their financial transactions. While cryptocurrency may still seem foreign or confusing to some, it would be wise not to dismiss it outright. After all, with a market cap of over $1.77 trillion, there’s definitely something worth exploring!

We have moved on from crypto being just a speculative asset class, we are seeing adoption across multiple verticals we are seeing countries, cities, and companies accepting bitcoin payments, and we are seeing a store of value in not only tokens but in NFTs and also synthetic asset classes. More businesses are looking at investing in crypto, rolling out crypto loyalty programs, setting up an exchange, managing wallets, or requiring smart contract developers.

At Kryptechs Solution, we believe that understanding these emerging technologies is critical for staying ahead of the curve in today’s increasingly digitized world. Whether you are just starting out or already working with complex blockchain systems, our team has the years of knowledge and experience necessary to consult you along every step of your journey. 

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Cryptocurrency Consulting Services

With everything crypto booming and crypto tokens on everyone’s lips, it can be hard not to jump in with two feet

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Crypto Mining Solutions

Crypto mining is dynamic and there are many factors you’ll need to take into account before you get started

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Crypto Tax

The Crypto Tax board will guarantee your compliance with the existing laws and regulations.

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Due Diligence

Safest and most cost-effective approaches to cryptocurrencies, the technicalities and legalities behind the

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A devoted professional with years of consulting experience, Kryptechs Solutions founder Turan first developed an interest in the emerging worlds of cryptocurrencies and blockchain when he was working in the film industry. His interest led him to study a Master’s degree in international finance, before forming part of several successful blockchain-based startups and becoming a professional consultant. Turan mines cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, and several altcoins and puts his artistic background to use through NFT and Metaverse-based projects. He is highly sought-after in the crypto world to work with individuals and organizations on major projects and uses his knowledge and inquisitive mind to stay ahead of emerging trends. He has been part of several large-scale mining projects and has excellent knowledge in setting up modular data centers, their optimization, and configuration. Turan works with those interested in exploring the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain in a safe and secure manner. He is passionate about introducing new investors to the exciting world of crypto.

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