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Blockchain Investigation

Personas and stolen identities owned by people or criminal groups in several countries may be involved in online fraud, cybercrimes, and cryptocurrency scams.

If you have mistakenly sent your cryptocurrency away and now you are looking for a solution, then you are at the right place.

We research, evaluate, and analyze digital wallets and cryptocurrencies’ origination and transaction activity throughout their history using software and OSINT materials.

By integrating several investigative tools and darknet or cryptocurrency data with the most extensive databases of known entities and any of your other data sources. Our team will search and extract addresses of interest, group them, visualize transaction flows, comply, identify, and make your case.

    1. Visualize

We use intuitive and sophisticated visuals to monitor cryptocurrency flows automatically and examine all transactions between specified entities in a five-hop radius

    1. Identify

Then identify exit nodes, connect suspicious activities to the real-world entities. 

    1. Comply

We maintain transaction analysis records and quickly generate and submit Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAT).

    1. Make your case

After the crypto investigation is completed, we will recommend potential next steps, including guidance on how you will contact the parties to make a formal request, contacting authorities and regulatory agencies, and filing civil litigations.

Kryptechs Solutions can assist if you feel like a Bitcoin fraud victim. We help victims of online cryptocurrency frauds, specifically those who have lost their digital assets. We utilize advanced crypto tracing and locating.

Just because Cryptocurrency is not insured, it doesn’t mean it is gone forever. We are here to guard your ignorant right and assist you to fight for what you rightly own.

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